Friday, May 14, 2010

A Little Sense of Humor Won't Hurt.

A few weeks ago, I heard about this funny ad for a low-cost German car hire company called Sixt (known for its provocative advertising) which read :

"Do like Madame Bruni: Go for a little French model".
Well, Charles Bremmer from The Times just wrote that they have now produced a French version of its current German campaign : As Bremmer reminds us, Sarkozy is usually quick to sue anyone who uses him or his wife for advertising and he is notoriously sensitive about his lack of height (see Le Parisien article on the net) I guess we'll soon see if he has a sense of humor. So far, it seems that the ad has only appeared on the internet.

Weeks ago, when the German version first appeared, Yann Barthes ( a French journalist/comedian) parodied the ad on Canal+ Grand Journal, with a Mercedes version that read:
“Faites comme Monsieur Merkel. Optez pour une grosse allemande”.
"Do like Mr Merkel, Go for a Big German Model".

NOTE: I also like this comment to Bremmer's post on the Sarkozy ad: "The advertising for manual transmission should have added: With short stick for convenient shifting of gears."! Excellent!

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