Saturday, November 6, 2010

Palin and Le Pen Presidents - the Ultime Nightmare!

In the Economist this week, Lexington reminded its readers of the worst possible nightmarish scenario, now that the House has an overwhelming Republican majority :

Sarah Palin could win the presidential elections if Michael Bloomberg ran as an Independent in 2012, and deprived Obama of a majority in the electoral college and leaving the final vote to the Republican-controlled House.

That's what John Heilemann came up with (see the original article here) and it sounds as bad - if not worse - as having Marine Le Pen win the presidential elections in France in 2012. (Newsweek compared the two in a recent article).

Lexington says it would "a miraculous concatenation of improbable events to make her president". Yes, but we have come just a weeny bit closer to this "miracle" with these results.

By the way, what is the opposite of 'miracle'?

NOTE: Well of course, on th positive side of having Sarah Palin in the limelights, there's Tina Fey:

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