Sunday, April 29, 2012

Le Talk Show.

Good article on one of the key features of French television from an American perspective - the French "talk show" which is undeniably different from the American talk show:

The French take “le talk show” very seriously. The clash of ideas has been part of France’s national identity for centuries, and the intellectual — almost anyone with an air of gravitas and the confidence to opine on any subject in three points — enjoys a special status in society and a place of prominence on television. Days before France’s presidential election, the country has gone into talk overload, with both serious debates and silly posturing.
More here: The Chic, Lethal Salons on the Screens of France by ELAINE SCIOLINO, NYTimes.

NOTE: the French will appreciate the literal translation of the French shows:  "It's in the air", "We're not in bed", or "Tonight or never". Funny!

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